Conditions on acceptance of the Quotation

• COD Clients – Full payment is required on acceptance of this quotation and proof of payment has to be submitted prior to any work commencing. Once work is completed, any balance outstanding (due to additional items tested / inspected, and travelling distances changing, etc), needs to be settled before any certificates and reports are released.

• All clients must supply SALTS with an official order, before any work can commence.

• Credit Approved Clients – Credit approved Clients will be given a credit limit to which they may book inspections and/or load tests against, should this credit limit be reached, the client needs to settle the account prior to any further work being undertaken. Alternatively, special arrangements must be made with the Managing Director who will look at the merit value prior to approving the credit adjustment. Should additional charges be incurred, due to changes in distances travelled, additional machines tested etc, the client will have to either alter their original order or provide SALTS with an additional order. No certificates or reports will be delivered without correct orders being in place.

• Cancellation – full amount due (as per purchase order received) should any order be cancelled within 2 (two) working days of the date booked. 50% of the order amount will be charged should any job be cancelled within 7 (seven) working days of the date booked.

• Failed load tests and inspections – Should your lifting machine/s and/or lifting equipment not comply with the applicable legislation or SANS Standard and fail the inspection and/or load test, full payment will still be payable. However, should you book a re-test for the same machine with SALTS within 30 days of the first test, a discounted price could apply.

Inspection and Load Testing Pre-requisites:

Client must ensure that:

• The lifting machine/s and/or lifting equipment is made available as the machines/s and/or equipment will be out of service for the duration of the inspection and/or load test.
• The area for the load test and/or inspection must be cordoned off and made safe.
• The machine/s and/or equipment are clean.
• The serial number is visible on the machine or/and equipment.
• The safe working load identification is clearly marked on the machine/s or/and equipment.
• The load chart of the machine/s is available on site.
• Previous load test certificates and inspection reports be available on request.
• All equipment necessary to do the load test is made available on site (i.e appropriate test weights, load cells, necessary slings and other lifting tackle). Should the client wish for SALTS to supply any required equipment for the load test, it needs to be arranged with SALTS prior to the load test.
• Client must inform SALTS of any inductions, medicals and/or any other specific site requirements necessary for LMI access to site. Client is responsible to arrange such inductions, medicals and/or other requirements and will be responsible for all costs relating to such inductions, medicals and/or other requirements.
• All requirements and full specifications of the items to be tested are well communicated with SALTS.
• A certified machine operator is made available on site for the inspection and/or load test.

SALTS will not be held accountable for any losses or cost incurred due to the client not adhering to the above requirements.

Standing time and Overtime (Saturday/Sunday/Public Holiday):

The Client has to specify the working hours required on confirmation of the quotation. Overtime is charged @ R 450.00 per hour OR R 3 500.00 per day above normal rate per LMI.


Travelling will be charged at R5.50 per kilometre from SALTS’s office to the site address and back per LMI. Client is liable for any additional costs that are incurred.


Flights and transport to the site is for the client’s account.


Accommodation costs are for the client’s account. Any accommodation booked on behalf of the Client will be invoiced to the Client @ R1050 per night out per LMI.


SALTS cannot be held liable for any accidents, injuries or damages that may be incurred by SALTS or any other person whilst the inspection/s and/or load test/s takes place. The client is responsible for the insurance of the Lifting Machine/s and/or the Lifting Tackle/s as well as any other equipment used during the load test/inspection/s.


Please allow 10 (ten) working days for all documents to be delivered after the inspection/s and/or load test/s has/have been completed.

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