Because man cages deal with the lifting of people, the law is very strict. Here are a few points pertaining to the inspection and load testing of man cages:
– All Man Cages need to have an engineering drawing signed off by a structural engineer. The LMI will ask for this before proceeding with the examination and testing of the cage.
– Before a Man Cage is used for the first time, the Department of Labour (DoL) needs to go out and issue it with an approval. The inspector of the DoL may require an LMI to do an inspection and load test before he is willing to approve it for use.
– Before an LMI can inspect or load test a man cage, they need to see the approval from the DoL.
– According to the DMR 18 (8), No user shall require or permit any person to be moved or supported by means of a lifting machine unless that machine is fitted with a man-cage designed and manufactured according to an approved SANS standard approved for that purpose by an inspector (of the DoL)and aftera risk assessment is done.
At this stage there is no SANS standard for Man Cages / Bo swain Chairs. The standard which is used during the manufacturing process is BS EN 14502-1, the Cage must be inspected and tested against this standard.

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