July 2018

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Many load testing companies only make use of the static test when testing forklifts. A Static test is done by using the anchor method (bolting a plate to the floor and using a load cell to pull to required capacity). This is not the correct method as the forklift’s capacity is only tested at one static position.
What does the South African National Standard say?
As per SANS10388:2008: regulation 3.7:
Definition of testing procedures:
Dynamic Testing (3. 7 .1 ): Operation of each motion over the full range of the lift truck with the rated capacity that is specified on the load chart affixed to the lift truck.
Static Testing (3.7.2): Operation of the lift truck without the application of a load operating the full range of motions of the lift truck.
Which is the correct testing method:
SANS 10388 ( states: “the test shall include static and dynamic tests”.
SANS 10388 ( states: “a truck shall not be supported, tied or fixed to any permanent structure”

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